"El Patrón" Flatbill High Crown Trucker Hat - CHARCOAL w/ Seafoam or Purple patch

$ 21.00

"El Patrón" Flatbill High Crown Trucker Hat - CHARCOAL w/ Seafoam or Purple patch

This awesome trucker hat has a cotton twill front panel, FLAT visor, white mesh back panels and jarge high crown.

- Charcoal with white mesh.
- Structured High Crown with FLAT bill.
- Old School adjustable plastic fastener in back
- Laguna Costa 3D logo patch on front (Choose Seafoam or Purple)
- One size fits MOST
- Manufactured abroad - Sourced in The US. - Patched in Texas
- Economical price and always FREE SHIPPING in US


What in the heck is "El Patrón" ?

feminine: patrona
a person chosen, named, or honored as a special guardian, protector, or supporter
a wealthy or influential supporter of an artist or writer
a social or financial sponsor of a social function (as a ball or concert)

What's up with that LOGO?

Read more on our company logo which emulates characteristics of both the Spanish Dagger Palm and the Sotol "Dessert Spoon". 

Spanish Dagger Palm is a type of "Yucca". We love seeing the "Spanish Dagger Palms" peppered along the King Ranch shoreline when we turn North out of Port Mansfield to chase the the speckled trout and redfish. 

Our Spanish dagger in South Texas is but one of about twenty species of yuccas in Texas. Most botanists place yuccas in the lily family, while others lump them with agaves in the agave family. South Texas's Spanish daggers possess thick, dark green or bluish green leaves that branch out in all directions from the stalk. 

Dasylirion wheeleri (desert spoon, spoon flower, or common sotol) is a flowering plant native to arid environments of northern Mexico, in Chihuahua and Sonora and in the southwestern United States, in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, and also in New Mexico and Texas.

We love seeing the "Sotol" peppered throughout the Texas hill country when we are hunting turkey, coyotes and of course the elusive Whitetail deer. Sometimes referred to as "Tequila's Northern Cousin" it is also distilled in the region of Chihuahua, Mexico.